How long does it take to receive the proxy balance after the payment?

If you paid by other payment method than Bitcoin, you receive the proxy balance automatically after the payment was made.
If you paid by Bitcoin, you need to wait until the transaction has 1 confirmation from the Bitcoin network.

Payment refunds?

We do not make the refunds for any paid services. Please be aware that all payments are final.
If you think the proxies or the software are not working correctly, We are always here to help you solve your problems. Thank you.

How can I change password?

For changing password, you need to have the security question and answer you set when you register the account, then go to your account at https://galaxy-residential-ip.online/ which will be sent with welcome email and click login, here enter “forgot password click here”. For security reason, security question/answer its the only way for resetting the password, and its one time set when you register your account. We also dont have access to change security questions/answers for you, please understand. Thank you

Can I buy proxies from a specific country?

Using 1 proxy costs 1 proxy balance and you can use the proxy from any country, state or city without limit!

Can I login a same account from your soft on different PCs? Can my colleagues use a same Galaxy account together?

Yes, you can. It has no such limits.

Why I cant login to your software? Why the proxy is very slow?

All our servers are located in the US, What happend to you its possibly because your network is unstable or your network has connection issue to the US, You can use a VPN which is fast & stable to the USA first before using Galaxy and our proxy

How long can I use the proxy?

When you used a proxy, it cost 1 proxy balance from your acct, its paid up to 24 hours of use time. But our proxies are residential proxies, Please understand the alive time for residential proxies is from a few hours to a few days which is normal.

I got “Please add the application process” after trying to use a proxy on the soft, why?

You need to add the process of the soft which you want to use proxy with to “Program” tab.

I got “Configuration file is not exists!Please Re-install!” after running Client.exe, why?

Make sure the folder where you put Galaxy soft in, the folder’s name without any special Char, no chinese, no russian, only english.

How to use the proxy ip I used before?

Go to “Settings” tab and find “Limit used S5 IP”, the default value is 744 hours(31 days), its a frequency cap for the socks ip, means the proxy ip you used in “Proxylist” tab wont appear again in 744 hours in “Proxylist”, You can adjust this setting from 24 hours to 744 hours. In your case, change it to “24”, and click “Save Setting” button. And then search the proxy ip by ip range in “Proxylist” tab.

Some countries has only a few proxies available, How to solve?

Lower down the frequency cap, and you can get more proxies in this way. Go to “Settings” tab and find “Limit used S5 IP”, the default value is 744 hours(31 days), its a frequency cap for the socks ip, means the proxy ip you used in “Proxylist” tab wont appear again in 744 hours in “Proxylist”, You can adjust this setting from 24 hours to 744 hours.

Why your soft is detected by Antivirus? Is it safe?

Yes, 101% safe. Its just false positive detection from the Antivirus because the soft has features like changing the UserAgent, Screen Resolution and Referer. We tried to submit to them for whitelisting, but it takes time. Just close the Antivirus or adding our soft into its whitelist manualy.

After using your soft and proxy, my Favorite and Plugin from Firefox and Chrome is gone, why?

In “Settings” tab, dont select “Auto clear Browser info” or unselect Firefox or Chrome from there. Its because when the soft clears the supercookie, its required to reset the browser and plugin

When I change a new proxy why my browser or soft is auto closed?

In “Settings” tab, Unselect “Auto close program when change proxy”.

Whats the distinction between using different Server Line to login the soft?

Always using the fastest Server Line to your local network to login the soft, which ensure the maximum speed for using proxy. If you have no idea how to choose the Server Line, just click “Smart Choose Server” button and wait about 5 minutes, the soft will auto detect and choose the fastest Server Line for you.

I want to use Global proxy, all the traffic on my PC goes through the proxy, how to set?

Install “Proxifier Standard Edition”, Register it. In soft “Settings” — “Proxy Tool”, Choose “Proxifier Standard Edition(More Stable)”, and select “Proxy the entire system with all applications network connections including system connections to work through the proxy” under “ProxyRules”.

Does Galaxy soft support Roboform for webpage forms auto filling job?

Yes, But only works with old version of Roboform 6.9.98, And old version of browsers: IE8 and Firefox 3.6.28

Is the communication between relays encrypted?

Yes, the communication protocol is strongly encrypted by using a proprietary algorithm.

Is there any way that the target website can trace back the origin to us?

No, we secure the traffic at the IP level; the IP the site is observing is a residential IP, and the traffic is encrypted. It is up to you to secure all other levels, as we assume you already do.